Look Better on a Live Video Call with Earrings! 2020-11-06

Either you are telecommuting or teleworking remotely, you have to maintain your best look every time just like in a normal face to face interaction. Or maybe even more! You are spending lots of minutes or even hours looking at your partner or interlocutors in a business meeting and you’ve been seen mainly from the waist up all this time.

It doesn’t mean you should sit with your underwear beneath the waist at all teleconference talks, though sometimes it may give you some relaxed feeling while telecommuting. If a video call is more of a personal nature with the person you trust of course. If you are on a zoom call with some flirting mood, your “half naked below waist secret” could fire you up with only you knowing it. Or even sharing with your partner later, but let’s leave it for the naughty ones.

For some of us quite the opposite may serve best. You could dress up smart from top to toes even put on your shoes as in a real meeting and boost up your confidence way up, feeling you are looking good and sexy 100%. However your core emphasis during a telework call is your top part. That is where the earrings come to the rescue and profiting you with extra advantages.

Bold Earrings – a New Zoom Call Fashion Star

Let’s agree, a video call is quite a static process, with little to none movement or visual excitement, except for the flirty ones maybe. But even these are best “served” with sexy and glamorous earrings.

Add more vibrancy to yourself by putting on these gorgeous colorful statement earrings. You have plenty to choose from – mostly snake earrings, which reveal femininity and manifest life force and your sexuality. Wearing these earrings on Instagram live video may win better attention from your followers.

Statement Earrings for a Conference Video Call

Earrings are the most visible accessory in a video call. Making yourself noticeable is a key factor to keep the focus of your conversational partner. It doesn’t serve just to draw a blank attention with no intention. Here we list the benefits of the earrings during a video call:

  • If you are in a conference call with more than 5 people, you expect a lot of tiny windows with conference participants. Big and colorful earrings nail everyone’s attention and they are more likely to observe you in these beautiful earrings than other windows with the boring heads. Even more if the topic of a video conference is quite boring.
  • If you are pitching for a new client – statement earrings will definitely make you stick in his/her mind. He may even associate your pitched product or business idea with the color or symbol that you were wearing during a Zoom or FaceTime call.

So try experimenting with your video call image – get your new brilliant earrings here!