Everything in the store is handmade at our studio, the location of which changes. I am a real nomad, having lived in many exotic places. Yes, the keyword here is “lived”, not just “travelled”,  as I need to plunge deeply into a culture, to feel it from inside.  Latin America is my big love but also in other countries of Africa, Asia I saw the same pattern, the same cultural source, the same symbols, codes and mysticism.

The world shares the same myths, the same stories, just with different names. We all carry the same genetic memory from our ancestors; it is encoded in us and influences us greatly even when we don’t know it.

Symbols are messages and powerful instruments, if we have the knowledge of how to decode them. The world will definitely respond to these messages. You will see!

REDGREGOR, a fictional mythical creature that was born while I was strolling under hot tropical sun in humid musky jungles. Yes! I have been deep, deep inside the jungles! Don’t ask me anything about it, because I will get too emotional.

Aside from being a guaranteed topic of conversation wherever you go, REDGREGOR accessories carry a concept, they have a story behind them. They are bold, expressive and sensual, always great companions in your style and spiritual transformations. I also use as much upcycled materials for our accessory production as possible.

A REDGREGOR persona is thirsty for changes, instinctive, creative, experimenting and using their style to speak, to express their wild, wild nature. Adding REDGREGOR earrings to any outfit is more than enough to make a statement and start shapeshifting.

I’ve got so much to say to YOU, but I will let my creations speak for themselves. I would like to invite YOU to set off on a transcending journey together with REDGREGOR.

Let’s just GO WILD!

So much love,

Anita  Dering