Baby Snakes Black dangles

Snake is the most mysterious and spiritual being and represents FEMININE power. Snakes also symbolize rejuvenation, life force, energy, intuition and sexuality.

  • Made of UPCYCLED plexiglas
  • Available colors: black, white, green
  • Length 4 cm (1.6 in)
  • 925 Sterling Silver ear hooks
  • Lightweight

From collection Abun Dance. Made with lots of love and care.



Black Baby Snake earrings, made of upcycled acrylic, are elegant and sophisticated, yet sharp, edgy and with a strong attitude. First of all, snakes represent Femininity, Feminine Power. A woman with awoke Feminine Power (snake) is the one who is freely using her will, sexuality and creativity for transformation and growth. Your inner Snake helps You to create those things that can’t be controlled: true love, intimacy, the atmosphere around and Your presence here and now.

Black Baby Snake earrings are the reflection of these ideas, and even further, Snake represents your bodily senses, as it is Your body who KNOWS, not Your intellect. It is said: “The path to the stars is through the senses.”

When you wear these mesmerizing Black Baby Snake earrings, feel how adaptable, transformable, instinctive, passionate, impulsive You are!  Treat your inner snake with great love, gentleness and she will, restore Your Feminine Power and harmonize Your Feminine Energy. Please, never be harsh and strict with Your inner snake or she will crawl away back to the jungle bushes.

Shed Your skin over and over again and be whoever You feel at this moment!

Black Baby Snake earrings are made of upcycled black acrylic with 925 Sterling silver ear wire. We also have white, yellow, red color snake earrings in stock. Please check among other products.

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